Designer. Illustrator. Level 5 Half-Elf Cleric.


my name is griffin.

Griffin Macaulay, to be exact — it's the "-mac" in griffmac. I go by Griff.

I majored in Communication Design from Kutztown University in central Pennsylvania with concentrations in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Interactive Design. Freelancing out of my apartment for the first year out of college, I began working contract and full-time design jobs in local agencies before being brought into the ranks of the Neo-Pangea Society. I am currently available for projects.

Beginning first as an illustrator, I shifted to print and type design, translated that to design for the web and games, and most recently dove headlong into user experience design. Every shift in focus is an adventure and helps better inform design decisions.

I get the most pride out of designing clever solutions and reinventing wheels. Overcoming adversity leads to personal growth, so I surround myself with other people who live to brave the unknown. More than anything, I want to make things that people love to use and remember fondly. Sound like something you're interested in, too?